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Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co., Ltd. Latest company case about The Importance of Compression Pads in EV Battery Safety

The Importance of Compression Pads in EV Battery Safety


Latest company case about The Importance of Compression Pads in EV Battery Safety

With the increasing demand for sustainable transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular and accessible. However, the safety and longevity of EV batteries are still a concern. One of the most significant problems is thermal runaway, which occurs when a battery cell overheats and catches fire, leading to a catastrophic failure of the battery pack.


Thermal runaway can occur due to overcharging, short-circuiting, mechanical damage, or external heat sources. It is challenging to stop or contain once it starts, as the battery cells release flammable gases and molten materials that can ignite other cells or components. This can cause severe consequences, such as fire, explosion, injury, or death.


To prevent or mitigate thermal runaway, EV battery manufacturers need effective solutions that can provide thermal insulation, protection, cushioning, and gasketing for the battery pack and cells. One such solution is MPP foam, a microcellular polypropylene foam with excellent properties for EV battery applications.


MPP foam is lightweight, flexible, and resilient. It can conform to the shape and size of the battery cells and modules, fill gaps and spaces between the cells, and provide uniform pressure distribution that prevents delamination and deformation. It can also absorb shocks and vibrations that can damage the cells or cause electrical disconnections.


MPP foam has high thermal stability and low thermal conductivity that can reduce heat transfer and prevent overheating of the cells. It can act as a thermal barrier that can slow down or stop the propagation of thermal runaway from one cell to another. Additionally, MPP foam has a high fire resistance and self-extinguishing ability that can limit the spread of flames and smoke.


What makes MPP foam unique is that it can be combined with aerogel felt, a super-insulating material that has extremely low thermal conductivity and high porosity. Aerogel felt is made of silica aerogel, a solid material that consists of 95% air and 5% silica. It can trap air molecules in its nano-sized pores and create a near-vacuum environment that minimizes heat transfer.


By laminating MPP foam with aerogel felt, a composite material with enhanced thermal insulation and protection properties can be obtained. This composite material can provide an additional layer of safety and performance for the EV battery pack and cells. It can also reduce the weight and thickness of the battery pack, improving the energy density and efficiency of the EV.


MPP foam with aerogel felt has already been successfully applied in various EV battery projects worldwide. For instance, China Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of EV battery components and systems, has used MPP foam with aerogel felt to protect their EV battery packs from thermal runaway. They have reported positive results in terms of thermal management, fire prevention, shock absorption, noise reduction, and cost-saving.


If you are interested in learning more about MPP foam with aerogel felt and how it can benefit your EV battery applications, contact us today. We are happy to provide you with more information or send you a sample of our product. Choose MPP foam with aerogel felt to safeguard your EV battery pack against thermal runaway and enjoy safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation.

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