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Company news about Partners of the FQ team -Speach from FQ CEO 20230202

Partners of the FQ team -Speach from FQ CEO 20230202


Latest company news about Partners of the FQ team -Speach from FQ CEO 20230202


Partners of the FQ team:


Looking back on 2022 the nucleic acid testing, yin and yang, panic isolation, and lying down with breath only. During this year, we have experienced rising materials, difficult logistics, production fluctuations, and labour shortages. During this year, we have deep memories that life is impermanent and look forward to opening up. The experience from this year let us know what it is to struggle desperately. This year's experience taught us what it means to respect heaven and love others. Although the performance isn't satisfactory, I still thank you for accompanying FQ to persevere through difficulties.


Looking forward to 2023, we will specialize in one industry, we will be lean and strong, we will be upright and innovative, and we will move forward with courage. Although the road is long, we will get there if we walk; although things are difficult, we will succeed if we do it. We believe that insisting on originality leads to a new chapter, and we altruistically gather energy to seek development. We believe that only by benefiting all beings can we reach the world. We firmly believe in planting patriotic feelings, cultivating enterprising character, continuing national spirit, and building FQ strength alone.


Finally, on behalf of FQ, I would like to say hello to all partners and parents and wish everyone a happy new year, good health and prosperity!


FQ General Manager

January 2023

Yu Qiang

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