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Battery Wrapping Silicone Rubber Sheets Roll Shock Absorbing Materials
  • Battery Wrapping Silicone Rubber Sheets Roll Shock Absorbing Materials
  • Battery Wrapping Silicone Rubber Sheets Roll Shock Absorbing Materials
  • Battery Wrapping Silicone Rubber Sheets Roll Shock Absorbing Materials

Battery Wrapping Silicone Rubber Sheets Roll Shock Absorbing Materials

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949
Model Number F-TECH-SR50r
Product Details
High Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber(buffer Frame)

Battery Wrapping Silicone Rubber Sheets


Silicone Rubber Sheets Shock Absorbing


silicone rubber roll Shock Absorbing

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Product Description

Battery Wrapping Silicone Rubber Silicone Sheets Battery Thermal Shock Absorbing Materials Wrap Flame Retardancy 


Features and Advantages:


High Mechanical Strength: The combination of special refractory silicone rubber and high-strength fire-resistant fabric provides remarkable mechanical strength, ensuring robust protection for critical components within the battery pack.

Structural Integrity and Electrical Insulation: Our ceramic silicone rubber maintains excellent structural integrity and electrical insulation properties even in high temperatures or when exposed to flames, offering reliable protection for battery cells and other sensitive components.

latest company case about Ceramic Silicone Rubber: Unparalleled Safety and Thermal Protection for New Energy Vehicle Battery Packs .

Low Smoke, Low Flame, and Low Toxicity: The material exhibits minimal smoke, flame, and toxicity during combustion, creating a safer environment in the event of a fire and reducing potential hazards for passengers and operators.

Flexibility and Thinness: With the ability to be processed into ultra-thin thicknesses, our ceramic silicone rubber offers exceptional flexibility, enabling easy integration into various battery pack designs and ensuring a seamless fit.


Typical Applications:


Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation for EV Battery Pack Structures: Our ceramic silicone rubber acts as a highly effective fire barrier, preventing the spread of flames and heat within the battery pack, thus enhancing the safety of electric vehicles and reducing the risk of thermal runaway.

Fire-Resistant Covers for Aerospace Cargo: The exceptional fire resistance properties of our material make it an ideal choice for protecting sensitive cargo in aerospace applications, ensuring the safety and integrity of goods during transportation.

Protective Layer for Railway Vehicle Braking Systems: By providing reliable thermal and fire protection, our ceramic silicone rubber safeguards the braking systems in railway vehicles, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.

Fire Barriers for Railway Car Passenger Compartments: Our material serves as a robust fire barrier between passenger compartments in railway cars, providing crucial protection and containment in case of a fire, enhancing passenger safety.

Main Features
Silicone sheets are prepared from platinum-catalyzed additive silicone rubber. It not only has high mechanical strength and excellent flame retardancy, no special odour, and halogen-free environmental protection. The material shows excellent ageing resistance and physical stability at high temperatures, it can work for a long time in the state of -55 °C ~ 200 °C, and the compression residual deformation is extremely small; At the same time, the material also has excellent electrical insulation properties, which can be widely used in aviation, cable, electronics, electrical appliances, chemical industry, instrumentation, automotive, construction, food processing, medical equipment and other industries. The material is usually in sheet form and can be covered with PET film on either one or both sides, with high adhesion between PET film and silica gel. Refractory silicone rubber composite layer of ultra-high strength stubborn fabric makes it have high mechanical strength;
  • 1. Excellent flame retardancy and fire resistance;
    2. Excellent compression set resistance and creep resistance;
    3. Excellent heat and cold resistance, continuous operation from -55°C to 200°C;
    4. Good insulation, green environmental protection
  • Light and good tear strength
  • Low co-efficiency of thermal conductivity
  • Hight-Performance of water absorption
  • Due to good cushioning,it can be used as shock absorbing materials
  • Excellent weather-resistance.EPDM model sponge showed no change under the Ozon Resistance Test(50pphmx38℃,20% expansion for 72hrs)



The main performance parameters are shown in Table

Name EPDM Foam Compression Set(%) <=3
State Close-cell & Open-cell Certification RoHS,SVHC,EN71,ISO/TS16949
Odour Slight plastic taste MOQ It depends
Colour Black, White,Grey, Red, Pink Port To the order of the customer
Density(Kg/m3) 90-750 Useful Life 7-10years
Hardness(Shore A) 40~60 Product Performance heat preservation,anti-seismic,anti-static, anti-ageing,anti-compression, heat insulation, shockproof, sound absorption, sealing, and flame retardant.
Temperature Resistance(Cold Crack to High Intermittent)(C) -245
Tensile Strength(Kpa) >=500
Elongation(%) >=250 Application HAVC,air-conditioning,automotive,bulding,railway,marine industry,construction,instrumention,electronics,
Water Absorption(kn/m) <=1


Typical Applications

  • Ev Battery Pack Structure is Fireproof and Insulated;
  • Aerospace Cargo Fire Covers;
  • A Protective Layer of the Brake Line of Railway Vehicles;
  • Fire Barrier Between Railway Passenger Cars.
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