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Fire Retardant Ev Battery Thermal Management Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Felt
  • Fire Retardant Ev Battery Thermal Management Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Felt
  • Fire Retardant Ev Battery Thermal Management Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Felt

Fire Retardant Ev Battery Thermal Management Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Felt

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949
Model Number Aerogels 01
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Solar System,EV,Power Bank,E-bike,home Use/solar System/energy Store
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Battery Management System

Fire Retardant Ev Battery Thermal Management


Fire Retardant Aerogel Felt


Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Felt

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Battery Thermal Management System Aerogel Insulation Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Felt Flame New Energy Vehicles Retardancy 


Aerogel insulation mat stands out as an innovative and advanced thermal insulation solution, offering a multitude of advantages that differentiate it from traditional materials. Here are the unique features and benefits of our aerogel insulation mat products:


1. Superior Thermal Insulation: Our aerogel insulation mat exhibits exceptional thermal insulation performance, effectively minimizing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the car. Its low thermal conductivity ensures optimal energy efficiency and temperature control.


2. Lightweight Design: Recognizing the importance of weight reduction in electric vehicles, our battery insulation panels are specifically engineered to be lightweight. This ensures that the insulation does not contribute significantly to the overall weight of the vehicle, thereby conserving energy and extending battery life.


3. Corrosion Resistance: We understand the demanding conditions faced by automobile batteries. Therefore, our heat insulation board is engineered with excellent corrosion resistance properties. It can withstand corrosive elements and maintain its integrity, providing long-lasting protection for the battery.


4. Enhanced Safety: Safety is a top priority when it comes to battery insulation panels. Our high-quality products adhere to stringent safety standards and are designed to ensure the normal and secure operation of the battery system. They eliminate potential safety risks and offer peace of mind to vehicle manufacturers and users.


5. Easy Installation: We recognize the importance of efficiency and convenience in the production and maintenance of electric vehicles. Our heat shields are designed for easy installation, streamlining the assembly process and minimizing production time. This enables efficient manufacturing and swift maintenance, reducing overall costs and enhancing productivity.


By choosing our aerogel insulation mat, you gain access to a cutting-edge solution that excels in thermal insulation, lightweight design, corrosion resistance, safety, and ease of installation. It outperforms traditional materials like mineral wool, polyurethane, and calcium silicate, which often fall short in terms of thermal insulation performance. Embrace our advanced technology to enhance the efficiency, safety, and overall performance of your electric vehicle battery insulation system.

Main Features

Aerogels have the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect and non-combustible. Compared with traditional insulation materials, it only needs 1/5-1/3 thickness to achieve the same insulation effect. It not only saves more space for the power battery but also has the characteristics of a heat preservation effect and a more stable temperature. Therefore, the application in new energy vehicles can better realize the temperature control and electronic control management of the battery and improve the performance, it can play the role of heat insulation and fire prevention, and buy more time for users and passengers to escape the scene and extinguish the fire.

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Aerogel blanket is the main material of nano-silica aerogel, which is made of glass fiber or preoxidized fiber felt. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity, a certain amount of tensile strength and compressive strength, which is convenient for thermal insulation construction and belongs to a new type of insulation material.

The main performance parameters are shown in Table

Specification 350-3 350-6
Thickness 3mm 6mm
Length 38m 38m
Width 1500mm 1500mm
Density 180kg/M3 180kg/M3
Using Temperature - 50~350℃ -50~350℃
Environmental Performance Pass TB/T3139
Oxygen Index ≥37% TB/3237
Fire Rating A TB / T 3237 DN5510
Tensile Strength 1000KPa GB/T17911
Thermal Conductivity(Mean Temp.) 25℃0.018w/(M*K) GB/T10295
Thermal Conductivity(Mean Temp.) 100℃ 0.020w/(M*K) GB/T10295
Thermal Conductivity(Mean Temp.) 200℃ 0.026w/(M*K) GB/T10295
Thermal Conductivity(Mean Temp.) 300℃ 0.035w /(M*K) GB/T10295
Function Room Temperature To 350C For The Insulation Of Vehicles And Batteries  
Application Rail Transit, New Energy Cars Etc.
Notes Size Could Be On Customer'S Requirement


Aerospace: Aerospace vehicles and detectors, space suits, etc.;
* Military field: heat preservation and fire protection of large ships and submarines, and light fire protection of tank armor;
* Industrial equipment: thermal insulation of high-temperature kilns, steam pipes, large storage tanks, flange joints and other equipment;
* Building thermal insulation: building internal and external wall thermal insulation, roof thermal insulation, steel frame structure fire insulation, etc.;
* Transportation: heat insulation of engine, heat preservation of vehicle internal structure, cold and heat insulation of high and low temperature transportation pipelines.
* Civilian fields: firefighting suits, space suits, cold-proof shoes, sleeping bag tents, paint-coated fabric insulation products, etc.
* New energy sources: thermal insulation in the power warehouse (power battery), passenger car warehouse, and car body structure of new energy vehicles.


Typical Applications

The functions of heat insulation, buffering, flame retardancy, thermal runaway protection and other functions of new energy passenger vehicle cells and modules

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