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High Performance Battery Thermal Runaway Protection Mica Insulation Sheet
  • High Performance  Battery Thermal Runaway Protection Mica Insulation Sheet
  • High Performance  Battery Thermal Runaway Protection Mica Insulation Sheet
  • High Performance  Battery Thermal Runaway Protection Mica Insulation Sheet

High Performance Battery Thermal Runaway Protection Mica Insulation Sheet

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949
Model Number TIX-10
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Battery Thermal Runaway Protect
Product Name:
Mica Sheet
Mica Sheet

High Performance Battery Thermal Runaway Protection


High Performance Mica Insulation Sheet

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Battery Thermal Runaway Protect Mica Sheet Winding Insulation Mica Materials 


EPP foam is an excellent material for NEV battery insulation, thanks to its high thermal resistance. It can effectively dissipate heat generated during battery operation, helping to maintain optimal operating temperatures and preventing thermal runaway. EPP foam is also an effective insulator, providing excellent thermal insulation properties that can help reduce energy consumption and improve battery performance.


EPP foam is also an ideal material for NEV battery protection against impact. It can absorb and disperse impact energy, reducing the risk of battery damage or rupture in the event of a collision. Its ability to regain its original shape after deformation ensures the battery's structural integrity remains intact, thereby safeguarding the vehicle's occupants and critical electrical components.


NEV manufacturers aim to increase driving range and optimize energy efficiency. EPP foam's lightweight construction contributes to achieving these goals by reducing the overall weight of the battery module. This helps to improve the vehicle's performance and extend the battery's range without compromising on safety or durability.


Vibrations during vehicle operation can impact battery performance and lifespan. EPP foam exhibits excellent vibration damping properties, minimizing the effects of external vibrations on the battery pack. This ensures stable operation, reduces the risk of internal damage, and extends the battery's service life.


EPP foam is also an environmentally friendly material. It is 100% recyclable and can be easily processed into various shapes and sizes, minimizing waste generation during production. Choosing EPP foam for NEV batteries aligns with the sustainable ethos of the EV industry, contributing to a greener future.

Main Features

Mica sheet is a high temp insulating material made of quality mica materials and high-performance organic silicon resin after the melting and laminating process, widely used in electrical appliances such as toasters, hair dryers and warm air blowers, etc and other electric heaters which require high temp electro insulation.

Asbestos Free

  1. Saves electricity/power cost
  2. Longevity
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Available in various thicknesses and sizes
  5. Easy Available
  6. Easy to Fabricate Parts
  7. Gaskets
  8. Available in various thicknesses (0.06mm -> 50mm)
  9. Easy to store






Item Rigid mica sheet
Mica Phlogopite
Mica content % >90
Bond content % <10
g/cm 3
Heat Resistance Continuous service °C 700
Intermittent service °C 900
Flexural strength
N/mm 2
Water absorption % <1.5
Dielectric strength KV/mm >20
Insulation resistance 23 °C ohm.cm >10 17
500 °C ohm.cm >10 12
Heat loss at 500 °C % <1
at 700 °C% <2


mica sheet comes in the form of a rigid laminated sheet after laminating, pressing and baking process consisting of quality muscovite, phlogopite or synthetic mica paper impregnated with high-temperature resistant organic silicon resin as a binding agent.

Fire resistance classification UL94 (94 V-0); BS479 (class 1); IEC 60371-3-3 conformity


Rigid mica sheets are specially developed to provide outstanding thermal and electrical insulation for different heating elements.It has a wide range of following applications:

  1. To implement resistor support, especially for heating elements in toasters, and hair dryers.
  2. To manufacture closed heating elements such as heater bands, heating elements, clothes irons and presses, kettles, cooking appliances, and heating elements for extrusion machines;
  3. To use as thermal insulation in circuit breakers such as dividers between components affected by high heat loads.


Standard Supply:

Thickness: 0.10-1.90mm+/-0.05mm

Size: 1000*600/1200/2400mm

We customized strips or parts according to the customer’s drawing or requirements.


  • Contact Shoes
  • Electric Heating Appliances
  • Electrical Apparatus
  • Electrical Control
  • Electrical Lighting Equipment
  • Hangers for Pressure Rings
  • Industrial Electric Heating Appliances
  • Mantle Lower
  • Mechanical Uses
  • Miscellaneous Electrical Uses
  • Motors and Generators
  • Protection Shield
  • Radar
  • Radio
  • Smoke Hood Assembly
  • Suspension Links
  • Television
  • Transformers
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