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Innovative Insulation Aerogel Pads Redefining Electric Vehicle Battery Performance​
  • Innovative Insulation Aerogel Pads Redefining Electric Vehicle Battery Performance​

Innovative Insulation Aerogel Pads Redefining Electric Vehicle Battery Performance​

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949,ISO9001
Model Number Aerogel Pads
Product Details
Aerogel Pads
Requirements For Flame Retardant Grade:
Appearance Requirements:
Smooth Surface, No Damage, Scratches, Lack Of Material, Obvious Defects And Other Defects
Aerogel Insulation Board
Product Name::
Innovative Insulation Aerogel Pads Redefining Electric Vehicle Battery Performance​
-200°C To +650°C
As Per Customer's Design
OEM,ODM Is Welcomed
Standard Or Nonstandard:

High Durability Hydraulic Pu Seal


High Durability Hydrogenated Nitrile O Ring

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Roll package and carton outside, or as customer's requirements
Delivery Time
10000 pcs/ days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, D/P
Supply Ability
Product Description

Innovative Insulation: Aerogel Pads Redefining Electric Vehicle Battery Performance​


Product Description:
The Aerogel Pad, known for its translucent appearance and lightweight properties, is a highly porous solid material renowned for its exceptional thermal insulation capabilities. Its incorporation into Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries marks a significant advancement in bolstering battery safety, efficiency, and longevity.

Designed to address the critical challenge of thermal regulation in EV batteries, Aerogel Pads deliver superior insulation, preventing excessive heat buildup and ensuring uniform temperature distribution across battery cells. This feature is crucial in averting thermal runaway, a hazardous scenario wherein overheating in one cell triggers adjacent cells to overheat and fail, potentially leading to fires.


Innovative Insulation Aerogel Pads Redefining Electric Vehicle Battery Performance​ 0


Product Specifications:
- Product Name: Pysheild BP-FG
- Thickness: 0.5~6.0mm
- Width: 1400±100mm (Customizable)
- Color: White
- Maximum Operating Temperature: 650℃
- Density: 200±20kg/m3
- Thermal Conductivity:
- ≤0.023W/m*K @25℃
- ≤0.030W/m*K @100℃
- ≤0.040W/m*K @300℃
- ≤0.071 W/m*K @500℃
- Flame Retardant Rating:
- A Grade (GB/T 8624-2012)
- V0 (UL94-2013)
- Waterproof Rate: >98% (GB/T10299-2011)
- Biosafety Compliance: RoHs/REACH/ELV
- Insulation Effect: Customizable as per customer requirements
- Application Field: New energy passenger vehicle cells and modules, offering heat insulation, buffering, flame retardancy, thermal runaway protection, etc.

In addition to their outstanding thermal insulation properties, Aerogel Pads also provide excellent electrical insulation, enhancing the battery system's resistance to short circuits and electrical malfunctions. Their lightweight composition contributes to overall vehicle weight reduction, thereby improving range and efficiency.


Aerogel Pads find application in EV batteries for:
- Inter-cell Insulation: Managing heat distribution and ensuring uniform temperatures among battery cells to mitigate overheating risks.
- Battery Modules and Packs: Improving thermal insulation throughout the battery system, maintaining optimal operating temperatures, and enhancing overall performance.
- Fire Protection: Utilizing flame-retardant properties to enhance battery and vehicle safety.
- Sound Absorption: Minimizing noise levels within the battery pack for a quieter vehicle interior.

The adaptability of Aerogel Pads to various shapes and sizes, along with their minimal thermal conductivity and resistance to chemical degradation, positions them as ideal candidates for EV battery applications. As the EV market expands, the demand for innovative solutions like Aerogel Pads, which enhance battery safety, performance, and environmental sustainability, becomes increasingly significant.

In summary, Aerogel Pads represent cutting-edge technology in EV battery applications, offering a lightweight, efficient, and safe solution for thermal management and insulation. Their adoption is poised to play a pivotal role in the advancement of more reliable, efficient, and sustainable electric vehicles.

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