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Customization Battery Pack Gasket Flame Proof Rubber Foam Gasket
  • Customization Battery Pack Gasket Flame Proof Rubber Foam Gasket
  • Customization Battery Pack Gasket Flame Proof Rubber Foam Gasket

Customization Battery Pack Gasket Flame Proof Rubber Foam Gasket

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949
Model Number BPS-02
Product Details
Double-sided Adhesive
Requirements For Flame Retardant Grade:
Appearance Requirements:
Smooth Surface, No Damage, Scratches, Lack Of Material, Obvious Defects And Other Defects

Battery Pack Gasket Flame Proof


Flame Proof Rubber Foam Gasket


Customization Battery Pack Gasket

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
pp bag+Cartons
Delivery Time
1000 pcs/ days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, D/P
Supply Ability
Product Description
Products Description
  1. Grade: silicone foam material meets RoHS grade certifications.
  2. Sample cost: if be our stock size sample, be free;if be a new one, the sample cost depends on the product.
  3. Sample time: 1 day for stock sample;5-7 days for customized sample.
  4. Sample quantity: below 2 pcs.
  5. Surface: smooth surface.
  6. Extra service: cut and punch into the required shape and size.

F-TECH-FSR370 is a low-stress silicone foamed silicone material. It has a low density and excellent resistance to compression set. Compared with traditional carbon-based foam materials, the material has excellent high and low-temperature resistance (-55-200 °C), high flame retardant (V-0), extremely low smoke density and smoke toxicity. In addition, the material has excellent ageing and weather resistance, making it ideal for all types of shock absorption, cushioning, support, sound insulation, protection, insulation and fire protection.


Long-Term Sealing Durability

A significant factor in long-term sealing durability is the ability of the material to resist compression over time. Choosing materials with excellent Compression set (C-Set) retention helps keep a consistent closure force on a door or panel, creating a more durable seal. C-Set resistance is the ability of an elastomer to return to its original thickness after a compression load, under a specified time and temperature, is released. If a gasket takes a significant C-Set, sealing may be compromised due to the decreased thickness. This loss of thickness normally takes place over time and is not always evident during initial testing. PORON® polyurethane, BISCO® silicone and Griswold® cellular rubber materials provide excellent resistance to compression set, exhibiting excellent physical properties and sealing characteristics for the life of the product.

Main Features
  1. Excellent flame retardancy and fire resistance;
  2. Excellent compression set resistance and creep resistance;
  3. Excellent heat and cold resistance, continuous operation from -55°C to 200°C;
  4. Good insulation, and green environmental protection
SN TEST UNITES Testing standards Technical indicators
1 Density g.cm-3 ASTM D 1056 0.37±0.04
2 Hardness kPa ASTM D 1056 75 ± 20
3 Compression set % ASTM D 1056 @100 ≤ 5.0
4 Tensile strength MPa ASTM D412-16 ≥ 0.3
5 Elongation % ASTM D412-16 ≥ 80
6 Water absorption % ASTM D 570 ≤ 5.0
7 Environmental testing / RoHS,REACH,ELV OK
8 Flame retardant / UL94-2013 V-0
9 Low temperature bending / ASTM D 1056 -55OK
10 Dielectric strength kV/mm ASTM D149-09 ≥ 2.5
11 Volume resistivity Ω·cm ASTM D257-14 ≥ 1.0*1014
12 Thermal conductivity W/(m·K) ASTM C518-17 0.08±0.01


Other details




Compressive stress curve

Customization Battery Pack Gasket Flame Proof Rubber Foam Gasket 0


Example Gasket Application Properties
High Temperature Silicones can perform well in an extremely low and high-temperature range from -103° F to 450° F.
Weatherproofing This gasket material is resistant to ageing and degradation from sunlight and ozone.
Automotive Closed-cell silicone is resistant to many chemicals and meets many industry flame retarding specifications.
HVAC Sealing & Mechanical Seals in Equipment Access Panels The closed cell structure provides air and moisture barriers under ambient conditions.s

Common Industry Applications

  • Telecommunications outdoor enclosures (environmental gasket)
  • Portable data acquisition (gaskets and cushioning)
  • Indoor lighting (dust gasket, UL 94V-0)
  • Outdoor LED lighting (weather gasket, long life, UL listed)
  • Asset tracking (environmental gasket, low compression set)
  • Instrumentation (vibration dampening)
  • Electronics (touch screen gaskets, cushioning)
Package & Delivery
Customization Battery Pack Gasket Flame Proof Rubber Foam Gasket 1
It is a non-dangerous good. Store it in a cool, dry place below 27°C.

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