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Thermal Insulation Battery Thermal Management System Silica Aerogel Sheet
  • Thermal Insulation Battery Thermal Management System Silica Aerogel Sheet
  • Thermal Insulation Battery Thermal Management System Silica Aerogel Sheet
  • Thermal Insulation Battery Thermal Management System Silica Aerogel Sheet

Thermal Insulation Battery Thermal Management System Silica Aerogel Sheet

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949
Model Number Aerogels 01
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Solar System,EV,Power Bank,E-bike,home Use/solar System/energy Store
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Product Name:
Battery Management System

Thermal Insulation Battery Thermal Management System


Thermal Insulation Silica Aerogel Sheet


Thermal Management Silica Aerogel Sheet

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Main Features

Aerogel Blanket is one flagship product of our company. It is made by compounding Silica aerogel and fiberglass as the basal. It has excellent insulation property, surface hydrophobicity and flame retardant property. Its thermal conductivity coefficient at the normal temperature is about 0.016W(m.k), which is lower than still air. And its hydrophobic rate can reach 99% under normal temperature. It also has excellent flame retardant performance, the fire rate meets the National Standard A1 level. And its working temperature range is widely. Generally, it can work normally in -200℃-650℃ according to the different requirement. In addition, it is easy to cut and install at construction site.


Key Features and Benefits:


Exceptional Mechanical Strength: Our advanced refractory silicone rubber combined with high-strength fire-resistant fabric delivers impressive mechanical strength, offering robust protection for critical components housed within the battery pack.


Strong Structural Integrity and Electrical Insulation: The ceramic silicone rubber we utilize maintains excellent structural integrity and electrical insulation properties even under high temperatures or in the presence of flames. This ensures reliable protection for battery cells and other sensitive components.


Recent Company Case: Unmatched Safety and Thermal Protection for Battery Packs in New Energy Vehicles.


Minimal Smoke, Flame, and Toxicity: Our material exhibits minimal smoke, flame, and toxicity during combustion, significantly enhancing safety in the event of a fire. This reduces potential hazards for passengers and operators.


Flexibility and Thin Design: Our ceramic silicone rubber can be processed into ultra-thin thicknesses, offering exceptional flexibility. This allows for easy integration into various battery pack designs, ensuring a seamless fit.


Common Applications:


Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Structures: Our ceramic silicone rubber acts as an highly effective fire barrier, preventing the spread of flames and heat within the battery pack. This significantly enhances the safety of electric vehicles and reduces the risk of thermal runaway.


Fire-Resistant Covers for Aerospace Cargo: The outstanding fire resistance properties of our material make it an ideal choice for safeguarding sensitive cargo in aerospace applications. It ensures the safety and integrity of goods during transportation.


Protective Layer for Railway Vehicle Braking Systems: Our ceramic silicone rubber provides reliable thermal and fire protection for braking systems in railway vehicles. This ensures optimal performance and longevity.


Fire Barriers for Passenger Compartments in Railway Cars: Our material serves as a robust fire barrier between passenger compartments in railway cars, offering crucial protection and containment in case of a fire. This significantly enhances passenger safety.


Thermal Insulation Battery Thermal Management System Silica Aerogel Sheet 0



The main performance parameters are shown in Table

Item Unit Value
Thickness mm 3/6/10/20 or others
Color -- White
  25℃ ≤0.018
Thermal Conductivity W/(m•K) 300℃ ≤0.037
  500℃ ≤0.076
Linear shrinkage <1.0%
Compressive strength Kpa 31@10%
Chloride ion content % ≤0.0003
Vibration loss rate % 0.4
Porosity % >95
Hydrophobicity % 99
Bulk density kg/m3 160~180
Maximum service temperature 650/1100
Combustion rating A grade A1 grade



Typical Applications

Aerospace: Aerospace vehicles and detectors, space suits, etc.;
* Military field: heat preservation and fire protection of large ships and submarines, and light fire protection of tank armor;
* Industrial equipment: thermal insulation of high-temperature kilns, steam pipes, large storage tanks, flange joints and other equipment;
* Building thermal insulation: building internal and external wall thermal insulation, roof thermal insulation, steel frame structure fire insulation, etc.;
* Transportation: heat insulation of engine, heat preservation of vehicle internal structure, cold and heat insulation of high and low temperature transportation pipelines.
* Civilian fields: firefighting suits, space suits, cold-proof shoes, sleeping bag tents, paint-coated fabric insulation products, etc.
* New energy sources: thermal insulation in the power warehouse (power battery), passenger car warehouse, and car body structure of new energy vehicles.
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