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Anti Shock Battery Thermal Insulation EPP Foam EPP Sheet
  • Anti Shock Battery Thermal Insulation EPP Foam EPP Sheet

Anti Shock Battery Thermal Insulation EPP Foam EPP Sheet

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949;IOS90001
Model Number FQ004
Product Details
EPP Foam EPP Sheet For EV Battery New Energy Battery Pack EV Battery Thermal Insulation
Customized Package

EPP Foam battery thermal insulation


Anti shock battery thermal insulation


EPP Sheet car battery thermal insulation

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200000pcs per month
Product Description


**EPP Foam for EV Battery Thermal Insulation and Sealing**


- Material: Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam
- Density: Customizable
- Size:Customized
- Shape: Customizable (die-cut or wire-cut parts)
- Thermal Conductivity: Low thermal conductivity for effective insulation
- Flame Resistance: Non-flammable material
- Recyclability: Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly



**Product Advantages:**
1. **Outstanding Thermal Insulation**: Our EPP foam provides excellent thermal insulation properties, minimizing heat transfer and maintaining stable temperatures within EV battery packs.
2. **Superior Energy Absorption**: The high-density closed-cell foam structure of EPP enables exceptional energy absorption, ensuring impact resistance and protecting batteries from external shocks.
3. **Seamless Sealing Capabilities**: EPP foam can be easily shaped and molded to fit battery pack enclosures, sealing gaps and preventing the ingress of moisture, dust, and contaminants.
4. **Lightweight and Space-Efficient**: EPP foam is lightweight, reducing overall vehicle weight and maximizing battery space utilization.
5. **Enhanced Safety and Protection**: With its excellent cushioning properties, EPP foam safeguards EV batteries during transportation and storage, minimizing the risk of damage caused by vibrations or impacts.
6. **Long-Lasting Durability**: EPP foam is highly resilient, maintaining its shape and performance over extended periods, ensuring long-lasting protection for EV battery packs.
7. **Environmental Sustainability**: EPP foam is fully recyclable, supporting sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.


**Product Application:**
- EV Battery Thermal Insulation: Our EPP foam is specifically designed for thermal insulation within EV battery packs, providing efficient temperature regulation and preventing heat loss.
- Battery Pack Sealing: EPP foam can be customized and used as sealing gaskets or inserts to ensure a tight and secure fit, preventing moisture, dust, and contaminants from entering the battery pack enclosure.


1. **Can EPP foam withstand extreme temperatures?**
EPP foam retains its dimensional stability even when exposed to temperature extremes, ensuring reliable performance in varying environmental conditions.

2. **Is EPP foam compatible with different battery pack designs?**
Yes, EPP foam is highly customizable and can be shaped, molded, or cut to fit various battery pack designs, ensuring a precise and secure fit.

3. **Can EPP foam be recycled?**
Absolutely. EPP foam is fully recyclable and can be processed in a closed-loop recycling system, supporting environmental sustainability.

4. **Does EPP foam meet safety standards for EV battery applications?**
Yes, our EPP foam complies with safety regulations and standards, ensuring the protection and integrity of EV battery packs.

5. **Can EPP foam reduce the risk of thermal runaway in EV batteries?**
While EPP foam provides thermal insulation, it should be used in conjunction with appropriate battery management systems and safety measures to minimize the risk of thermal runaway.


Choose our high-quality EPP foam for superior thermal insulation and sealing capabilities in EV battery pack applications. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore the possibilities of our customizable EPP foam solutions for new energy vehicles.

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