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OEM ODM Expanded Polystyrene Foam Sheet Thermal Management Of Electric Vehicles
  • OEM ODM Expanded Polystyrene Foam Sheet Thermal Management Of Electric Vehicles
  • OEM ODM Expanded Polystyrene Foam Sheet Thermal Management Of Electric Vehicles

OEM ODM Expanded Polystyrene Foam Sheet Thermal Management Of Electric Vehicles

Place of Origin China
Brand Name FQ
Certification IATF16949
Model Number EPP 01
Product Details
Solar System,EV,Power Bank,E-bike,home Use/solar System/energy Store
Product Name:
Battery Energy System,batteries Lithium Ion High Capacity,Battery Management System
Smooth Surface
Carton, Pallet, Loose Load
IATF 16949

ODM Expanded Polystyrene Foam Sheet


OEM Expanded Polystyrene Foam Sheet


ODM Thermal Management Of Electric Vehicles

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Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co.,Ltd.
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pp bag+Cartons
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1000 pcs/ days
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Product Description

Battery Thermal Management System Compressive Pad Close Cell Foam Acoustic Insulation Expanded Polystyrene Foam 


EPP foam is an excellent material for NEV battery insulation, thanks to its high thermal resistance. It can effectively dissipate heat generated during battery operation, helping to maintain optimal operating temperatures and preventing thermal runaway. EPP foam is also an effective insulator, providing excellent thermal insulation properties that can help reduce energy consumption and improve battery performance.


EPP foam is also an ideal material for NEV battery protection against impact. It can absorb and disperse impact energy, reducing the risk of battery damage or rupture in the event of a collision. Its ability to regain its original shape after deformation ensures the battery's structural integrity remains intact, thereby safeguarding the vehicle's occupants and critical electrical components.


NEV manufacturers aim to increase driving range and optimize energy efficiency. EPP foam's lightweight construction contributes to achieving these goals by reducing the overall weight of the battery module. This helps to improve the vehicle's performance and extend the battery's range without compromising on safety or durability.


Vibrations during vehicle operation can impact battery performance and lifespan. EPP foam exhibits excellent vibration damping properties, minimizing the effects of external vibrations on the battery pack. This ensures stable operation, reduces the risk of internal damage, and extends the battery's service life.


EPP foam is also an environmentally friendly material. It is 100% recyclable and can be easily processed into various shapes and sizes, minimizing waste generation during production. Choosing EPP foam for NEV batteries aligns with the sustainable ethos of the EV industry, contributing to a greener future.

EPP is one kind of closed cell foam material that requires a very precise and complex manufacturing process, with highly specialized custom-made equipment operated by seasoned professionals. The material can be shaped into many different formats and sizes, and molds are often used, depending on the desired outcome. The material is porous, consisting of several polypropylene beads. They let air pass through the beads, helping with acoustic insulation and weight reduction as well. Because of its versatility, it is highly sought-after in various industries, from constructions, to shipping, and more. EPP is an excellent and cost-effective material for thermal insulation, and its high buoyancy makes it resistant to water and other chemicals. If this wasn’t enough, EPP foam is also quite sturdy, and it is completely sustainable, since it can be recycled.
  • Industrial packaging
  • Automotive parts
  • Logistics and wrapping
  • Shipbuilding
  • Food preservation
  • Waterproofing
  • Lightweight constructions
  • Furniture and design

The main performance parameters are shown in Table

Physical Properties
EPP density range,     20 g/l ~ 200 g/l
Tensile strength ISO 1798 DIN 53571 kPa (kPa) 270 to 1930
Tensile elongation (%) ISO 1798 DIN 53571 % 21 to 7.5
Compressive strength (kPa) ISO 844 kPa  
25% strain DIN 53421   80 to 700
50% strain Test speed   150 to 960
75% strain 5 mm/min   350 to 2300
Compression set (%)
25% strain,
ISO 1856 C Stabilizing 24H % 22H, 23°C 13.5 to 10.5
Burning rate (mm / min) FMVSS 302
ISO 3795
sample thickness
12.5 mm
mm/min 100 to 12
One of the most versatile parts is EPP foam. These foam beads can be placed in molds, allowing them to form multiple shapes. Though you might not have heard of it, it can be used in a range of situations. Let’s look at some of the most common applications for this foam.
Automotive Industry
One of the most common places to use EPP is in the automotive industry. There are multiple reasons why EPP has become so widely used in this industry. For example, car manufacturers appreciate how durable and functional it is. For this reason, EPP can be found in multiple products. Some common examples might include; door panels, headrests, sun visors, bumpers, and seats. It can also be used to construct multiple other parts.
Another popular way to use EPP is to make packaging. Distributors are always looking for ways to make sure that delicate items get to their customers safely. For this reason, they frequently choose to use EPP foam. There are multiple reasons why they do this. First, this foam is very lightweight. This means that it doesn’t cost much to ship. Also, it has high shock absorption. This ensures that it will provide adequate protection for items that are accidentally dropped. Finally, because they don’t need high-quality EPP for packaging, they can purchase this material cheaply.
EPP Toy Aircraft
Industrial Products
Increasingly, industries are looking for ways to offer high-quality prices at lower costs. They can do this by using EPP foam. This product is lightweight and can easily be cut into various shapes. It’s very durable, helping industrial products last for a long time and provide good value for money. They can also absorb the energy from an impact. For this reason, they can be used to create a safer work environment, providing protection if something goes wrong. Finally, products made with EPP are very strong. This means it can take a large strain before it breaks.
EPP Building Blocks for Kids Toy
Consumer Goods
EPP is used to create a range of consumer products. There are a few simple reasons for this. First, it is lightweight. This ensures that products made from EPP will be easy to ship. Also, the foam can be easily molded into a wide range of shapes. Manufacturers can also color EPP, this makes it perfect for creating products like colorful children’s toys. Finally, EPP is anti-microbial. This makes it perfect for making products like food coolers, reducing the chances that people will get diseases from using the container. Because of these benefits, there are multiple consumer products that are made from EPP. Some common examples include; furniture, model aircraft, floor levelers and shelving units.
One of the most important substances is EPP foam. As we’ve seen, it can be found in a wide range of products across multiple industries. This is because of a range of unique qualities that this substance possesses. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what EPP foam is and how it might be used.
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